22 February 2023

Q&A with Ener-Vate Technical Manager, Jonathan Bingham

Hi Jonathan, tell us everything about your role...

As Technical Manager for Ener-Vate, I advise on aspects of compliance with projects regarding building regulations and British standards. I also advise on low-carbon technology types and solutions, including suitability and I liaise with contractors and external advisors to ensure that we get appropriate technical solutions.

What's your background/experience? Where were you before Ener-Vate?

I have been in the construction industry for a very long time! I worked for one of the big six energy companies on CHP projects, gas turbine projects, and energy efficiency upgrades to major public buildings and hospitals with energy performance contracting. But immediately before joining Ener-Vate, I worked for one of the world’s largest heating equipment manufacturers as an Engineering Solutions Manager.

What’s on the horizon in 2023 for Ener-Vate?

There are very exciting times ahead! We have got plenty of new projects which we are hoping to bring into development. This includes the development of new networks for clients, bringing them to the market and also how we decarbonise existing buildings and networks that are in operation.

I’m looking forward to some of the new technology we are looking at implementing around high-performance heat pumps with ever improving alternative refrigerants within the market. Equally, we are seeing an increasing demand for waste heat capture and innovation in 5th generation heat networks that are born from the advanced Scandinavian market.​​​​​​​

Favourite artist/band?

For the last few months, I have been emailing a Friday song to the Ener-Vate team along with my weekly musings… these vary enormously from the likes of Madonna to Paul Weller. Who is my favourite artist? That is a really difficult question as it varies from day to day – today it’s The Waterboys!

Favourite film?

This is a difficult one too! Currently its Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks - I have watched it dozens of times! I do also like Wind River.

Proudest moment?

I won the Mitsubishi World Series Gun Dog Championship in 2008 – a long time ago now!

Where can people find you working mostly/how do people get in touch and what would they need to get in touch with you about?

You’d probably want to speak to me about green energy solutions, energy conservation, energy performance from boilers and alternative energy solutions. Get me on my mobile or come and visit us at the Stoke office for a catch up and a Staffordshire Oatcake! ​​​​​​​