Ener-Vate work with a number of land owners all over the UK. We help then navigate through the increasing requirements of the UK government to reduce carbon and assist with concept designs that often increases land value by delivering a low carbon serviced site making it more attractive to the Developers/ house builders.  

As the UK continues the shift from fossil fuels to the low carbon delivery of heat, it is imperative that the land owners and developers provide energy to the site ensuring it is not only technically viable but financially viable for the end customers.

Our services to this sector include:

- Assistance in understanding the low carbon options available have potential to increase land and service offerings.

- Development of low carbon schemes utilising heat pumps or low carbon heat from external sources such as Energy from Waste providers balancing capital and end user costs.

- Analyse Masterplan in order to develop an optimal low carbon scheme.

- Commercial modelling to identify development capital costs and compare these to traditional alternatives</li><li class.

- Develop marketing and communication packs for key stakeholders showcasing the benefits of their low carbon development site.

- Identify external possible investment opportunities to alleviate the full cost burden from the landowner.

- Support with funding applications which may be available to support the delivery of low carbon scheme ie Green Heat Network Fund.

- Procurement of an ESCo (Energy Services Company) and support legal team on structure documents.

- Support with any stakeholder engagement to include Local Authority and planning departments.

- Run procurement exercise to identify potential delivery partners in the market using our extensive industry knowledge.

- Project Management of the low carbon scheme and ongoing management of the asset to ensure it is maximised to its full capacity.

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