Ener-Vate provides commercial support to many local authority customers on different schemes across the UK. Often the local authority has a number of roles across projects, from planning, regeneration, development or delivery of their local plans. With the growing pressure on all councils to deliver carbon savings and many Councils declaring climate emergency situations over the past 12 months, a considerable amount of support is required to deliver projects supporting local policy.

Our Services to Local authority clients include:

- Assistance in the understanding of all low carbon options available based on property type and scale of the development.

- Heat Mapping to identify clusters of properties that may be suitable for a district heat network.

- Development of low carbon schemes utilising heat pumps or low carbon heat from external sources to provide low cost and secure heat.

- Commercial modelling of possible low carbon schemes to assess the viability and identification of potential investment opportunities.

- Support with funding applications that may be available to support the delivery of low carbon schemes ie. Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF).

- Procurement of an ESCo (Energy Services Company) and support legal team on structure document.

- Stakeholder engagement with potential heat off take customers, planners, highways and other utility providers.

- Preparation and demonstration of proposals to the potential customers on Clients behalf to demonstrate the benefits of any scheme and future savings.

- Support with marketing and communication plans of any developed scheme.

- Project Management of the low carbon scheme and ongoing management of the asset.

- Identification of external investment opportunities

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