Ener-Vate work with a large number of Housing Developers all over the UK. As we embark on the shift from fossil fuels to the low carbon delivery of heat, the Developers must have a knowledgeable advisor alongside them who can advise on deliverable and affordable products to their projects.

We help navigate developers through the ever-changing energy requirements of the UK government and energy market.

Our services to this sector include:

- Assistance in the understanding of all low carbon options available based on property type and scale of the development.

- Development of low carbon schemes utilising heat pumps or low carbon heat from external sources such as Energy from Waste providers whilst keeping additional building costs to a minimum to ensure the developments are still financially viable and balancing this with the low carbon drivers of the government and housing sector.

- Analysis of the development plans and accommodation schedules to develop an optimal low carbon scheme.

- Commercial modelling of potential low carbon schemes to identify development capital costs and comparison to traditional alternatives.

- Identification of external investment opportunities to alleviate the full cost burden from the developer.

- Support with funding applications which may be available to support the delivery of low carbon scheme i.e. Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF).

- Procurement of an ESCo ( Energy Services Company) and support legal team on structure documents.

- Support with any stakeholder engagement to include local authority and planning departments.

- Management of procurement exercise to identify potential delivery partners in the market using Ener-Vate industry knowledge.

- Project Management of the low carbon scheme and ongoing management of the asset to ensure it is maximised to its full capacity.


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