06 September 2023

Ener-Vate welcome Scotland based John Maslen to the team!

It is with great pleasure that we announce yet another new member to the Ener-Vate family!

Scotland based John Maslen joins our growing team of specialists developing and advising in the commercialisation and delivery of low carbon heat networks as Network Development Manager. John has a wealth of experience and expertise within the sector and will bring an Ener-Vate focus to our current and growing presence within Scotland.

Stephen Marsh, Ener-Vate Operations Director said “We’re proud to support many clients, both public and private within Scotland with some exciting projects in development and in the pipeline. Ener-Vate has a rich blend of the specialist skills within the team needed to identify opportunities, establish commercial viability, attain consent, attract funding, and deliver complex multi-stakeholder projects. John’s experience and expertise are a fantastic addition to our team. The Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021 is driving an acceleration and stimulation of activity and with John’s appointment, we are making a commitment to support and grow the commercialisation and development of low carbon heat networks in Scotland.”

John comments “I am extremely pleased to join the team at Ener-Vate given their specialist services in heat network commercialisation combined with the growth potential of district heating across Scotland. The Scottish Government’s target to meet 8% of national heat demand by 2030 is drawing ever closer so the quicker we can turn LHEES strategies into delivery plans and attract the necessary patient investment the better. While the challenges of city-scale district heating are widely recognised, the growing number of projects under development and in operation demonstrates these can be overcome.”

If you would like to discuss your Scotland based projects or events with John, please drop him a line - johnm@ener-vate.co.uk