09 February 2022

Andy Kirwan completes Wellbeing Champion training

Andy Kirwan, Associate Consultant at Ener-Vate, recently completed the 'We are Wellbeing' Wellbeing Champions course at Media City with colleagues from Peel L&P.

Andy, alongside the other Champions, will be a point of contact for his team - helping them to engage in wellbeing activities within the business, inspiring change and promoting a positive workplace culture.

"Wellbeing to me covers a wide spectrum of different areas of everyday life, and for me personally, it’s the ability to feel comfortable and at ease within each area. In some instances, there may be days where you are financially stressed, physically exhausted or mentally tired and “wellbeing” is the ability to notice these elevated levels without allowing it to consume or impact on other aspects of everyday life. Luckily, there are loads of ways to support our wellbeing which will vary for each person and I'm really looking forward to supporting my colleagues with this."

Thank you to Andy Romero-Birkbeck from We are Wellbeing for an engaging and insightful session - we highly recommend other businesses to consider hosting a training course in the future!