05 May 2022

Andy Kirwan gives Three Peaks Challenge Update!

Andy, how is the Three Peaks Challenge training going?

To be honest, I’m struggling to find time to balance my other sporting activities with walking, but I’m hoping that by taking part in these activities it’s somewhat contributing to some form of hiking training(?)

James Hadfield has been hosting several training walks, the next one being the Yorkshire Three Peaks at the beginning of May which is helping the team out by preparing us at some level what we have signed up for…


What sort of sporting activities are you doing?

Mainly tennis and squash, a bit of 7-a-side and I’m also loving playing Padel which is best described as hybrid of tennis and squash, but played in doubles – it’s the fastest growing sport in the UK. I’m also taking part in the Leeds Half marathon in two weeks.


What are you most/least looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to spending time with my colleagues from Ener-Vate, Peel & Enercret – outside of a working environment. I’ve never completed the national 3 peaks before so I’m looking forward to ticking this challenge off the list. I’m really not looking forward to hiking the peaks with limited sleep…


Is hiking something you’ve done in the past to better your wellbeing?

Not hiking as such, but during lockdown I walked with friends and family around Leeds - I found it hugely beneficial to get out in the countryside for my mental and physical wellbeing.


What does it mean to you to be a Wellbeing Champion?

Wellbeing to me covers a wide spectrum of different areas of everyday life, and for me personally, it’s the ability to feel comfortable and at ease within each area. In some instances, there may be days where you are financially stressed, physically exhausted or mentally tired and “wellbeing” is the ability to notice these elevated levels without allowing it to consume or impact on other aspects of everyday life. Luckily, there are loads of ways to support our wellbeing which will vary for each person and I'm really looking forward to supporting my colleagues with this.


How can people support the team?

Everyone taking part in the challenge has their own JustGiving page – this is mine: Andy Kirwan is fundraising for National Energy Action (NEA) (justgiving.com)