We support multiple Energy from Waste companies to develop new potential heat networks and expand the existing assets.

Utilising heat off-take from such facilities is often designed into modern generation plant supporting local planning requirements. It is a very efficient method of generating lower carbon heat at scale and is often close to nearby mixed-use heat and hot water demand.

Our services include:

  • Heat Mapping of the plant’s surrounding areas, identifications of potential heat off-take customers and viable clusters
  • Support technical and commercial impact assessment of heat off-take
  • Commercial modelling of utilising the heat for a commercial and technical feasibility study and an assessment of the viability of all commercial structure options
  • Assessment and support legal teams on project requirements
  • Development and negotiation of mutually agreeable Thermal Purchase Agreement terms
  • Preparation of reports required to support any planning and permitting approvals sought
  • Development and delivery of a heat network feasibility/business plan
  • Stakeholder engagement  and agreement on commercially viable terms for potential customer connections

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