The Project

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Trust (MTVH) is developing a new build residential site on the former Shredded Wheat factory located in Welwyn Garden City. The development will ultimately comprise of 643 apartments which are split into six different Blocks of varying size. The scheme is solely for residential use and is under plan review with the local authority to build additional units into the design up to a maximum of c1000.

Commercial Modelling

Ener-Vate developed the commercial model for a Heat Network to serve the site. This formed the basis of expectation of value for the client board to base decisions of ownership structure. The model showed outputs for phase 1 only but had a view of what the expanded system would require and how customer tariffs are protected should the technical design of the scheme change with ever increasing demands of carbon reduction.


Following the commercial modelling and board structure decision, and utilising the industry skills, expertise and experience of our team, Ener-Vate provided the necessary support to Metropolitan Thames Valley in procuring an ESCo for the heating provisions at the Wheat Quarter.

Ener-Vate created a new, tailored document based on the requirements both structurally and commercially of Metropolitan Thames Valley for the site.

Ener-Vate then formed part of the evaluation panel on the returned bids, testing the cost assumptions and inputs of the tenders and benchmarked against our database of market rates.

Once a preferred partner had been chosen Ener-Vate were part of the team finalising the legal suite of contracts and customer documentation in order to ensure services and standards were captured alongside strict reporting requirements placed on the ESCo provider.


MTVH - The Wheat

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