The Project

Clapham Park, Lambeth, London, is a regeneration project which will result in over 2500 high quality, affordable new homes, surrounded by open spaces and a revitalised community environment.  The council residents’ choice of developer – Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing, (MTVH), is well underway with the transformation.  More than 700 homes have refurbished and over 500 new homes built, with at least 50% being affordable housing.  Work is set to continue to transform Clapham Park over the next 15 years resulting in much improved community facilities, safer streets, and a minimum of 4.18 hectares of flourishing open space.

As part of the regeneration at Clapham Park, a low carbon District Heating Network has been introduced and is supplied, operated, and maintained by an ESCO, With Energy. This includes a retrofit of existing properties undergoing refurbishment and will also be integrated into the new build properties.  MTVH are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and subsequently, District Heating formed part of their long-term strategy towards a low carbon energy solution.

Alongside holding the role of Master Developer at Clapham Park, MTVH are also the providers of the social and affordable housing on site, which are connected to the District Heating Network.  MTVH are committed to providing residents with ongoing support and guidance with their utilities and have sourced additional support from Ener-Vate as industry experts, to help them provide the very best service possible.


Our Role

Ener-Vate were appointed as the advisory consultant to assist MTVH with contractual and commercial conception through to delivery and execution. Amongst the overarching project management service for the Design & Build element of the scheme, Ener-Vate were responsible for the commercial modelling exercise based on the Development Masterplan, contractual determination of the Master Concession Agreement, and the management of the onboarding of the ESCO, through to commencement of the contract. 

Since then, Ener-Vate have been further appointed by MTVH to manage the ongoing delivery of the ESCO Master Concession Agreement, more commonly referred to as our EEMS offering; Ener-Vate Energy Management Systems.  As experts in our field, we are already familiar with the complex nature and industry standard content within the Master Concession Agreement, and subsequent Supply Agreements, therefore we are able to provide excellent, in depth support and guidance to MTVH, resulting in the ESCO contracts being managed professionally and effectively. 

With customer satisfaction at the heart, we at Ener-Vate continuously endeavour to add value and assist MTVH in providing the very best service in relation to their residents heating and hot water. To achieve this, we as Ener-Vate manage regular engagement with the ESCO to ensure the Guaranteed Standards of Service are being maintained, and the network performance is as stipulated within the contract. If and when any issues arise, due to our partnered approach we are able to jointly reach a resolution that is beneficial to both MTVH and the resident.

End Result

Ener-Vate and MTVH have established a professional and effective working relationship through working in partnership for many years across different projects. We are delivering tangible results commercially, and contractually, which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

MTVH Clapham Park

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