Our experienced team understands what will ensure a District Heating Scheme is a viable and investable solution and will ensure that it is balanced in the best possible way to generate value for you and your customers. Working with prestigious clients throughout the UK, Ener-Vate provides a complete and wide-ranging service.

We carry out all of the following aspects of heat network development:

  • Initial assessment of viability for heat network
  • Initial and full detailed potential heat customer identification, liaison and negotiation
  • Contract for Difference Energy Plant understanding and impact on heat development
  • Full and agile commercial assessment and modelling to adapt to the changing masterplan
  • Specialists provision and assistance to the client in scheme development from the appointment of ESCo, including tender document writing, assessment of returns, interview of applicants and appointment.
  • Assistance on in-house ESCo’s establishment and appointment external service providers
  • Assistance in the development of the investment and commercial structure options that best suit a schemes drivers
  • Heat Customer Agreement liaison and with end-users
  • Complete support to the client and its legal team in the negotiation with ESCo of the Project Agreement, including all Contractual Schedule development
  • 3rd Party Thermal Purchase Agreements and negotiation
  • City Centre retrofit scheme development from either concept or increasing client take up of heat on existing schemes to increase value
  • Local Authority advice and support and scheme development (inc Hospitals and Universities)
  • Provide a Due Diligence assessment of 3rd Party schemes in development for final board agreement

We are providing the services above to a wide range of clients in the following categories:

  • Residential and Mixed-Use new build developers
  • Landowners
  • Land developers
  • Energy Plant Developers / Owners (Biomass, Energy from Waste)
  • ESCo Providers
  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations

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