A huge part of any scheme or project, the commercial modelling is the foundation on which investment and decisions are made.

We recognise that Commercial Modelling of a project must be a process that adapts to the changing conditions of the world of property and energy development.

The type of development projects that the team at Ener-Vate have commercially modelled include the following:

  • Small residential/mixed use sites of c150 homes
  • Medium residential/mixed use schemes of 1000 residential units
  • Large residential /mixed use schemes of 10,000 new homes
  • City centre schemes/ city centre retro-fit schemes
  • EfW schemes using heat (Biomass and Waste)
  • Schemes using a geothermal input
  • Due diligence on 3rd party models to ensure market viability
  • Post ESCo appointment modelling on behalf of Master Developers to ‘shadow’ the appointed ESCo on site. This gives the Master Developer the additional confidence that the customers of the site are being served the best possible value

The commercial modelling carried out is based on a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of the market in the UK. The main suppliers to the market are known to us and we consistently update our inputs and assumptions based on the latest information and costs.

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