Metrpolitan Thames Valley
March 2019 - Ongoing
Commercial Modelling / Procurement
Our Role
Assist the client in testing the feasibility of a DHN

Project details

Metropolitan Housing Trust (MHT) is developing a new build residential site on the former
Shredded Wheat factory located in Welwyn Garden City. The development will ultimately
comprise of 643 apartments which are split into six different Blocks of varying size. The scheme
is solely for residential use and offers no commercial or retail space. There is currently a plan –
which is undergoing development with the local authority – to build additional units into the
design up to a maximum of c750.

Our role

Client Support

Utilising the industry skills, expertise and experience of our team, Ener-Vate provided the necessary support to Metropolitan Thames Valley in procuring an ESCo for the heating provisions at the Wheat Quarter,

Procurement Lead

Ener-Vate created a new, tailored document based on the requirements both structurally and commercially of Metropolitan Thames Valley for the site.


Ener-Vate then conducted an evaluation exercise on the returned bids, testing the cost assumptions and inputs of the tenders and benchmarked against our database of market rates.

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