Berkeley Homes
September 2018 - Ongoing
Commercial Modelling / Procurement
Our Role
Assist the client in develeoping ESCo tender documents

Project details

TwelveTrees Park is a new development of over 3,800 homes located in West Ham, London. The development will also include a new school, independent bars and cafes, restaurants and a community centre.

Our role

Initial Assessment

Ener-Vate worked closely with the Client to evaluate and understand the specific ambitions at TwelveTrees Park, and to understand the current ‘Business as Usual’ base case of heat delivery.

Commercial Modelling

After analysing the accommodation schedules, planning requirements etc. Ener-Vate developed an initial base case commercial model to evaluate the potential value that the heating provision to TwelveTrees Park could provide.

Procurement Lead

In parallel to the modelling work, Ener-Vate reviewed the initial tender packs, and created a new document based on the requirements both structurally and commercially of Berkeley Homes for the site. Ener-Vate then conducted an evaluation exercise on the returned bids, testing the cost assumptions and inputs of the tenders and benchmarked against our database of market rates.

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