Ener-Vate Covid-19 Update

The COVID-19 situation continues to develop at pace, with the most recent announcement recommending that those of us who can, work from home. While we are complying with government advice as it develops, we wanted to assure you that we have the resource, systems and infrastructure to continue to deliver work in the usual way and to support any of your changing requirements over this period. Our priority remains delivering a high standard of client service for you.

The following summarises our position:

  • This senior team are in dialogue frequently to pre-empt and plan our approach to events as they develop and to flex our business planning as appropriate. This will continue for the duration of this pandemic.
  • We have already taken a number of steps to comply with government guidance by stopping non-essential business travel, postponing events and moving to use video and teleconference facilities
  • Following the government’s announcement on 16 March, the majority of our people are now working from home. As a business, given our employees are already spread across the UK, we are already set up to work in an agile way and so are able to respond quickly to this advice. Aside from in-person meetings, this is business as usual in terms of our service to you and you can continue to contact us via our mobile numbers and email.

We know your business may face many challenges that are specific to you and we look forward to discussing how we can continue to support you in the coming weeks. Please do get in touch directly with your Ener-Vate contact with any queries.

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